MAG-renew  is a innovative new product (patent pending) that will revolutionize the NDT industry.

MAG-renewwas developed to help reduce the cost of performing wet magnetic particle inspections by enabling businesses to renew their water and oil carrier fluid, which will allow them to reuse it for an indefinite* period of time.

*periodic checks are recommended to ensure that the viscosity of the oil carrier does not exceed requirements of the applicable specifications.

MAG-renew  removes...

  • Used magnetic particles
  • Leached fluorescent dye
  • Physical contaminants less than 1 micron in size.

What remains after using MAG-renew  is a suspension vehicle that is nearly new.


  • Improves (lowers) viscosity*
  • Lowers fluorescence*
  • Removes 99.9% of the physical particles and contaminants

​​* based on independent laboratory test results

How MAG-renew  works with your system...

MAG-renewis simple to install and use. All you need to do is place the unit near or hang it on your bench unit, connect the inlet and outlet hoses to your existing bath hoses and you're ready to start using MAG-renew.​​

If you're interested in saving money with MAG-renew, please contact us.

​​Introducing   MAG-renew

  New Carrier              MAG-renewed Carrier

MAG-renew Model MR30P

Phone: 724-217-9575 


MAG-renew is AMS & ASTM Compliant





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